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Hzt. Shaikh Sultan Shah the Quintessence of Almighty

Shaikh Sulthan Shah was born for a scholarly and reputed family of Aluva, Kerala in the year of 1934. The young boy had special qualities of piety and courage for knowledge from childhood itself. At the age of fourteen he went to Bombay, the historic city of western India with many Mazars and saintly brotherhoods. Within one year he began to indulge in heavy and enlightening practices of spiritual training under the austere supervision of his earliest Master and Guide, Sufi Fakhruddin Maulana (R.A). After some five years of such trainings his master took the young man to the Darbar of Bagdad, the abode for Emperor of saints, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R. A). from there he was blessed with the name of “Sufi Muhammad Yousuf Sulthan”. From then on almost everybody approached him with the surname of “Sulthan Baba”. Coming back to India, he still continued his spiritual practices and riyadhas under different Sufi Masters. At his age of thirty-three he was blessed with the Grade of “Khilafath” for preaching the path of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani from the genuine hands of Shaikh Muhammad Badshah Qadiri Al Yamani (R.A). Bad shah Qadiri’s (R.A) Mazar located at Wadi Sherif of Gulbarga District at the boundary of Karnataka State, is still a permanent centre of blessing for visitors.

After a long span of spiritual trainings and hard some journeys which lasted some eighteen years Shaikh Yusuf Sulthan returned to his home town of Aluva to preach the path of Shaikh Jeelani (R.A). Hundreds and thousands of the people from several parts of India and other countries sought his guidance and entered the path of Almighty God. He is still vibrantly carrying on the Mission he is entrusted with. He gives guidance to the slaves of Almighty to seek His path.

Simultaneously, all these years he has been tremendously active in sustaining the humanitarian initiatives among his society also. He directs and leads many social campaigns and charity organizations with keen interest and profound watchfulness.

Spiritual Shajarah

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